Poison The Well - Gramercy Theatre

What began as an innocent night in midtown turned into an alleged rager of epic proportions. The surprise that Poison The Well had booked a slew of North American shows a few months back, was matched by the excitement of Candiria's inclusion to the beginning of the night. The band played a wild set and a mixed bag of their discography in a respectable forty minutes. 

     Poison The Well quickly took the stage and started slowly with an interesting approach to their live set. But by the time it was over, everyone had crowd surfed, two stepped and sang along to their favorite tracks. 

(Coma and the boys in Candiria)

It's interesting to see how the boys are coming out of the gate, with less than half a dozen shows over the past two years. Being fortunate to have seen the last two New York shows, I'd definitely have to say the Brooklyn show was better. I sit here with a scabbed arm, and a sore bicep, wondering just how much longer the thirty year old me can sustain leap frogging off shoulders, going in for the throwdown until I break a hip. Until then, draft a playlist from the set below and engage in an interesting evening with Poison The Well.

(Poison The Well rules, it's up to you to settle down)

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