Blink-182 "California"

We find Blink-182 honing in those 311 moments in special dynamics. California is what you'd want to hear right after Take Off Your... and although Tom is gone, his replacement finds his own comfort and is even given a few moments to stray a bit from the doghouse with great success. 
     There are moments of Bayside here and there, and Travis is as sharp as ever.  The track list is played in a respectable order, while peaks and valleys reign supreme on this release, but most of the tracks move incredibly fast and instantly into the next if ever getting dull.
     There's an obvious bit of aging in Mark's voice and it's actually refreshing for a change. This is the longest time we've ever been away from a new Blink-182 release aside from that eight year gap for Neighborhoods and it's a solid maturation that took place here.
     It seems as if the main membrane of the group has figured out exactly what Blink fans want to hear and has had enough time away from the efforts of the group to get a sense of identity. It's a shame that Tom isn't here to celebrate, because this is probably one of the band's best albums. It's a strong collection with a few heartbreakers in that same repetitive Blink fashion track after track, with sounds we've come to cherish and listen to time and time again with every release. Choice cuts: "Home Is Such A Lonely Place," "California"

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