Slaughter To Prevail "Chapters Of Misery"

Just how much heavier does this scene need to get? Slaughter To Prevail reign supreme with their unrelenting mammoth of an EP re-released on Sumerian Chapters Of Misery. Instantly out of the gate, "Hell" showcases inhuman double bass that lures in even the most stubborn elitists.
     Track after track the album collectively shares some of the heaviest sounds death metal has ever heard. It's easy to compare this to Oceano's Depths, but the same can be said about countless other modern technical death metal band. Is it even necessary to be this overwhelmingly intimidating?   
      Perhaps their live shows can shed light on just what is it we're listening to here, because there's has to be something otherworldly about a sound so brutal. What's next from this band better be an elevated sense of musicianship, because there doesn't feel as if there's enough intricacy for this to stand out amongst the greats over time

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