Bayside "Vacancy"

Alongside career rockers New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Saves The Day, and Blink-182, Bayside has always held their own in the land of emotional punk and Warped Tour hype. Their sound is more polished than ever and the songwriting on Vacancy is truly worth noting.
     Seven albums in, it's surprising to hear the band still being so catchy. While nothing will ever come as close to the first half dozen tracks off Sirens & Condolences, each album has had a collection of gems in their own right. The glory in The Walking Wounded, how reviving Killing Time was after the flop that was Shudder, and now just the fact that they came out with another batch of songs after their relatively flat Cult, it's blatantly obvious that Bayside are going to remain that anchor in the world of alternative rock that could potentially have thirty albums under their belt while it's all done.
     While now sounding more like what Coheed seems to be doing, and far removed from their foundational roars and wailing, the tracks seem to be super animated going in all sorts of directions before finally finding that one Bayside fine line that keeps the sound healthy enough for the kids. For what it's worth, it's still worth going through the album to find those fine moments when Anthony connects with the right lyrics and right melody and takes us back to a simpler time where only a few bands existed and they weren't all competing for our attention.

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