Bury Your Dead - Tomcats, Fort Worth, TX - YouTube - Outcast Productions

For fans who have been around long enough to know better, the resurgence of many acts for the sake of nostalgia recently has certainly been a pleasant surprise. Hell, I just saw The Number 12 Looks Like You open up for Dillinger at Rough Trade and play their first set in seven or so years. Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard, Brand New - all nostalgia acts that drifted off for half a decade and still rely on their existing fanbase. 
     While TBS may still be as active as ever, the band referred to themselves as a "Nostalgia Act" on the recent Taste Of Chaos Tour. Bury Your Dead has come out of the woodwork in 2016 and for those who aren't willing to travel, this live set captured on YouTube, is a great capsule of what these string of shows throughout the summer are really all about. 
     If you caught Bury Your Dead from 2002-2008, and saw either the Bruso, Terry, or Crafter amalgamations of the band, you know what you're in for and you'd be surprised to know that band can still deliver at expected service levels. But what's truly important for diehard fans of the band is just how punctual Bruso's verbatims remained alongside Mark & Slims brutality. Having personally watched Alive well over a hundred times, I grew to know the stage antics, the crowd pleasers, the shoutouts, and everything in between. "We are Bury Your Dead - Thank you for coming out, pick it up!" and everything else that Bruso shouts are still on point, almost to the level that it's scripted. 
     While Eric is obviously still paying his dues and Bubble fits a role pretty well, Mark and Slim are as tight as ever. Their improve breakdowns, their subtle intricacies, and their incredible talent truly shine brighter than ever as the band flies through songs from every stop of their catalogue (except Bury Your DeadIt's Nothing PersonalMosh 'N Roll - I don't think anyone, including the band, knew what identity the band was aiming for after Beauty and  The Breakdown). While this club show at Tomcats in Fort Worth on a Sunday night has less than a couple hundred people at most in attendance, it's nice to see the boys in the band doing what they do best. 
     Mark & Slim are almost Samneric at this point, where they're almost conjoined as one person. Their connection is just as good as Dime& Vinnie or any other strong brother combo that reigned in the metal world. To see them banging on their equipment with just as much as they had from when they were kids is truly remarkable. It shows their resilience to something they (and I) hold so pure. Truly worth putting this set in Texas on your Smart TV, throwing on that old Mosh N Roll shirt and reliving some of the best shows in the past decade. Kudos to Outcast Productions for all the work they do. I'd recommend watching everything they do and subscribe on their channel.

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