Cold Summer "Fight To Survive"

The identity crisis found in this EP is sound enough to mirror Letlive at their greatest and radio rock at its sheer failure. Cold Summer are a blend of Attack!Attack! auto tuned goopy vocals and a dash of what Lost Prophets almost done on a couple of the LPs found in the later half of their catalogue.
     While Cold Summer may have been a stunning local band in their hometown, to be competitive on the national and even global level, is going to take a lot more than rewriting what's already been heard endlessly from the masses.
     That's not to say the EP should be dismissed. For what it's worth and for it being an EP, it's truly an admirable effort. While opening track "Bear Eats Wolf" hits off with intensity, it's a very different band than what's caught on the title track and even the sugary "Coins Fall." What's even more mind boggling is why radio hasn't caught onto more acts like Cold Summer so it can finally bury nonsense like Buckcherry and Seether.

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