Fury "Paramount"

The excitement surrounding this release created enough hype that you'd think we'd be holding the latest AOTY here. Instead, it's just breakbeat hardcore, reminiscent of Ceremony or anything else found in Webster Hall sometime in May. Not that Black And Blue is a deadbeat event, it's just that Paramount is a high pitched album with intensity. Just like all average hardcore albums.
     There's nothing wrong with being more of the same. Most great artists started emulating sounds they loved to give us records we now cherish. But when discussing Fury, it's really a matter of taste as to whether they'd make someone's top of the pile. There aren't enough tricks here for Fury to truly stand out. The songs come and go, never really building up to any momentum, instead just churning maliciously with a bite and snarl from the start of each song. If you're looking for more filler with a dash of killer, Fury can sit on the shelf next to your Incendiary records and wait to be played next. More standard fare for the calloused listener.

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