Harm Done "Abuse/Abused"

For those unfamiliar with the band, Harm Done are a mix of power violence tainted with heavy grooves and slam. While the production makes us feel as if these sounds were captured in 1974, it's obvious that this modern angle on a ruthless sound stands out amongst the catalogue.
    At times a bit challenging to listen to, Harm Done come out of the locker room looking to smash their opponent. Even if there isn't one standing in their way, they'll smash right into the bleachers. The blast of the drums and the harsh strums on the string makes it seem like there's a time sensitivity to their efforts, as if the band needs to get as much out as fast as possible before their instruments disappear.
     With the entire seventeen song affair clocking in just over eighteen minutes, it's obvious Abuse/Abused is working side by side with Die Choking, and Organ Dealer. While they do enough to stay unique, Harm Done are going to need an angry tour schedule to stand out amidst the haze of competitors.

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