My Iron Lung "Learn To Leave"

If you're tired of waiting between La Dispute tours and releases, My Iron Lung should fall alongside just fine. The desperate story telling vocal approach has been all the rage for hardcore purists, and finally more bands are coming out of the woodwork to cater to the same sound.
     Album opener "In Hiding" should get the point across for the remainder of the album. Nothing explosive really happens aside from each track wailing away with ferocity. The raspy vocals and the banging drums are enough to be a band all on their own, but track after track the guitars rip Thursday-like riffs, which should polish off the final
dog days of summer nicely. Slightly reminiscent of Polar Bear Club, My Iron Lung have a nice album here that should be listened to at least once in its entirety before flipping the page to one of the many acts trying to do the same thing.

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