On Broken Wings "Disintegrator"

It's only an instant before the album begins and that loud snarl of that raunchy bass sound starts lurking in. Add On Broken Wings to the endless list of lately rehashed acts who just couldn't stay away from the game. And it's all great to see. Who cares what the scene is doing now? In fact, it's probably better that many of these bands are coming back up again just to show the rookies how it's really done. 
     Years ago at the foundation of many of these sounds it was really anyone's guess as to how it would all translate and pan out over time. But years after their last release, OBW is here to beat us upside the head and share with us their thoughts on the angle. And no, there isn't another cover of "I Do My Crosswords In Pen" (regretfully).
     While OBW always had some of the worst melodies, the sing alongs on Disintegrator are just as cringe worthy, but now bring about a level of nostalgia that just begs us to reminisce about the way things used to be. Otherwise the breakdowns are fun and the aggression reigns supreme, and it's going to be great for the one or two U.S. tours this release will contribute to throughout the course of time.

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