The Zenith Passage "Solipsist"

This new Faceless release, errr, The Zenith Passage is certainly worthy of controversy. It feels like track by track the band took Keene's catalogue and replicated it with reckless abandonment. Not that these guys aren't good musicians. That they certainly are. But the ridiculousness of their mimicked efforts is entirely too noticeable.
     Just listen to "Simulated Reality" for example. Even the cleans are that rugged Keene-esque melody which no modest man could ever bring themselves to copy. But don't count The Zenith Passage out from trying. 
     If you're into technical-brutal death metal then certainly don't overlook this release or this band. But in the big pond of music, and especially this niche, this release is so easily forgotten when there's heavyweights in the scene (featherweights in reality) who are far more accomplished and simply write better songs.

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