Tonight Alive "Limitless"

This Australian outfit popped up during this summer's Warped Tour and share a poppy angle to a trite sound that's been endlessly pummeled to death. The strong vocal performance by their female lead and the powerful rhythm to match makes Limitless a success even though things start to sound a little recycled after half a dozen tracks.
     Album opener is a stunner. It's obvious that "To Be Free" was everything the producers were focused on. The tracks that follow are very strong, but nothing ever gets back to that peak on the beginning of the album. "I Defy" steals the attention once again, but unfortunately the album never reaches the heights of the first explosive song.
      After a few albums it seems as if Tonight Alive figured out how to tie Kristen Williams with blink-182 and create a sound that's truly all their own. The concern and speculation remain as to whether or not a few hooks are enough to carry a career out on the road for a longitudinal review. 

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