All "Mass Nerder"

How is it 2016 and I'm getting around to All's 1998 insatiable pop blowout? Right out of the gate, it's obvious the impact the band has had on countless acts in the pop punk realm. Their incredibly technical bass player rallying against the chords and school house rock anthems of the vocal department make for a lightning bolt of an album that's long overdue a courtesy acknowledgement of its influence. 
     All is best described as a tight blend between New Found Glory and Less Than Jake. No horns, but if the dudes in LTJ were playing NFG tunes, this is what we'd get mashed between sets on Warped. All hardly let down and the sixteen set batch wrap up in just about thirty minutes and can instantly replay without annoyance. How Hit The Lights, Seaway, and the rest of the Hopeless Records crowd haven't reached into the bin to claw out one of Epitaph's most criminally underrated acts is just beyond everything.

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