Emarosa "131"

Another Emarosa release means another lush fox cover! While the band has been a mixed bag of sorts ever since Johnny Craig left the band after Relativity131 is a refreshing album in a time where labels are pumping rehashed garbage that tries to emulate that Dance Gavin Dance/Hands Like Houses sound. While this sound caters to more sensible pop attributes, Emarosa have a certain maturity about them where the songs don't draw too much cooing for a common listener to want to instantly disengage.
     The chorus in the first two tracks instantly hooks us in with Bradley Walden stepping up proper for only being in the band for two years. Craig's shoes have been difficult to fill, even though he can be a challenging member to collaborate with. As the album continues it's almost too much to take in and the subtleties of the tracks become a bit too cumbersome. It feels like every song is skimming around the edges of what could be great, and very often these opportunities are missed for a slower or softer part. It's been a while since Emarosa has had any balls in their music, and on 131 it's finally catching up with them. 

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