Hed PE "Forever!"

On their tenth LP, Jahred & co. make endless efforts to keep themselves relevant and in the mix, over twenty years since they left their front porch as a band. Who's even still in the line up from their self-titled days is anyone's guess, but if that doesn't matter than the horrendous barrage of sounds that will come out of your speakers when you spin Forever! most certainly will.
     There's just no salvaging these guys and the sounds that they make sometimes in efforts to be aggressive are cringe worthy on the band's behalf. I put the record on hoping to hear some urban-esque groove oriented rock. This is hardly that. The album tries to be metal and who even knows what the vocals are doing. Sometimes rapping, sometimes snarling at the microphone, it's too childish and brash to take seriously. None of the music stands out in any way, and it's just a record for the sake of being one. 
     If that's not enough, all the riffs are a total flop and the lyrics aren't even comical. It's hard to make it through the whole thing, but hey, for their TENTH record (who would've thought?), we couldn't overlook the band. I don't think we'll turn our head back in their direction for another ten albums and if you're wondering what the band has been up to since Broke we'd recommend to find interest in something else around here. This album is hardly forgettable, instead it's instantly regrettable. 

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