Neurosis "Fires Within Fires"

Aside from a highly regarded catalogue, and perhaps their strong influential career, Fires Within Fires stands still as an album in its own rite. It may seem that this whole thing was really put together for nostalgic purposes, but at its core, the album is just as sludge filled and doomy as their past releases.   
     While Neurosis emerging with a new album in 2016 is just as shocking as people refusing to post their albums on shared services, it's clear that recent podcasts and news articles have drawn the band to rise to action. Recently, Converge was noted to claim the band as a huge inspiration, as well as the Jasta podcast that raved about the group's eclectic live shows that knew how to develop a certain mood and theme at a time when the scene was just starting to become saturated.
     At face value, for those new and unfamiliar with the band, Fires is hardly the place to start. Slow, drawn out tones parade throughout, often taking forever and a day to progress to the next bar. This is all too familiar territory for Neurosis, who built a career on these antics. But for those willing to take a ride into the early 90's, and connect with elements that are prevalent in anything and everything that is hardcore today, will find intrigue in these songs and leverage them as either a portal into another universe, or a nostalgic node to the past.

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