Oblivionized "Life Is A Struggle, Give Up"

Similar to the sounds of As The Sun Sets on their cult classic 7744, Oblivionized are in the business of creating chaotic grindmetal spurts that hit big and disengage. While 2016 may not have much of a tolerance for this brand of metal, the days of See You Next Tuesday, Daughters, The Locust, and Regurgitate certainly come to mind.
    The intensity the band gives off very rarely ceases, making Life Is A Struggle, Give Up an incredibly challenging album to listen to repeatedly. However, with their unique brand of grindmetal and the fact that not many acts in the field are even bothering to explore this genre, it's bands like Oblivionized and Dead Hour Noise that know how to challenge aggressive music, and retaliate against what the current hardcore community is dishing out.

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