Problem Of Pain "Burn What My Hands Wrought"

These guys go all over their place in terms of stylistic expressions of aggressive hardcore. At times Scarlet and other times a few hard strums gone wrong, Problem Of Pain are a blend of early 00's Converge and pummeling sludge. A few blast beats here and there and build ups that can go on for countless verses, there's a few hints of As You Drown mashed throughout. There's a few artistic moments that should have been left off the album completely, "Regret//Empty" clearly being one of them. But moments of glory like the ruthless "Apathetic" and the incredible "Solace" where it almost sounds like Will Haven is in the studio make Problem Of Pain a force to be reckoned with.
     But it's obvious the group has a malicious agenda and their intentions are all in the right place. For a calloused listener it's all too obvious what they're trying to accomplish, even though they fall flat after a few peaks. In the end, it's only a proper presentation of this live that's going to separate these guys from the rest of their label's roster.

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