Stick To Your Guns "Better Ash Than Dust"

The band has been exploding lately, with their shows getting larger and larger, and their audience showing a passion and an interest in what they think is aggressive hardcore. But on their latest release, Stick To Your Guns sound more like 3rd Strike than they do anything else and it's almost mind blowing to see them have such a draw.
     The rap-rock schtick alongside the tried and true breakdown formula is something that could've been found on No Light almost twenty years ago. There's a reason that stuff didn't make it into the new world and it's not just gang related activities. It's the melodies that soar too fast and for no reason that puts us on the edge.  This watered down approach to the "edge" that makes me want to put Stick To Your Guns right next to my Lifer and 40 Below Summer albums, which is surprising because the band is constantly surrounded by quality acts.

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