The Amity Affliction "This Could Be Heartbreak"

On their fifth release The Amity Affliction play it super safe with polished strums and vocals that soar in sugary auto tuned synths. How fast did time really pass by for a band like TAA to already be along nearly a half dozen notches in their catalogue? Their direction was obvious early on in their career, but on This Could Be Heartbreak the band have their tricks under control and in the bag and the transcendence between clean choruses and the ruthless verses fades as instantly as the first track.
     It's tough to understand who the band is trying to compete with. On album opener "I Bring The Weather With Me" we're instantly flooded with the group's lush melodies. Instantly the title track is almost a sealed certificate of their harmless intentions. Is it their Aussie monoliths Parkway Drive? Bring Me The Horizon? New Killswitch? August Burns Red? Or is this just generic metalcore these days? The band's pop tendencies are much more assertive than their peers and this is where TAA stands out. 
     While the band has been persistent in releasing quality music and touring their asses off, it's not certain whether their sound is epic enough to resonate through time amongst scene heavyweights that know how combine production and intricate songwriting and present it as a package.

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