Turnstile "Move Thru Me"

While Nonstop Feeling was probably the biggest story of 2015 and rightfully so, the twenty months it took to get an EP from the dudes in Turnstile were excruciatingly painful. This four song slam will sound familiar to anyone who's seen the band live at any time throughout 2016 and will wet the palette of those looking for more.
     While the tracks wiz by instantly and all have their proper Turnstile flare, there's no recreating the wheel here like tracks "Can't Deny It," "Blue By You," "Gravity," and "Stress" managed to do on that killer debut last year. The band has been opening with "Come Back For More" for the better part of a year so it's nice to see the track finally find a home. Other wise it's all over super quick with under a ten minute runtime, and there's no sweet taste left behind by the time the record is ready to repeat.
     While this EP is Turnstile and everything the band will do is necessary to listen to, this one isn't on the same playing field as the band's first two EPs. Turnstile is going to be studied for the next five years  and everything the band is going to do will be scrutinized under a microscope. While Move Thru Me is dished out from an essential band, the release doesn't really have what it takes to be essential, and could have been more compact in dynamics and variations that we've come to expect from the band.

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