Gift Giver "White Devil"

As a nod to the classic sound of late nineties Korn and Limp BizkitWhite Devil incorporates every attribute that defined those bands' identities. Those radio dial interludes layered with mumble speak, the unintelligible rambling bark verse, the high pitch buck-buck Durst vocal delivery. It's all there. While this album is a step forward from the band's Daddy Issues days and implements just the right production and punch, it's still all so childish at times, that it's hard to imagine this having a legitimate following. But at a time where Attila still have a respectable draw and Emmure seems to be bouncing back from their recent derailment, there may actually be a space for Gift Giver, and if they're competing with (Hed) P.E., it's safe to say their latest installment is much more competitive than Forever! which was comparable to a soggy bag of french fries plucked from the garbage and served for date night.

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