Meshuggah "The Violent Sleep Of Reason"

It's hard to believe it's already been four years since Koloss kerplunked on planet Earth, and it's even more enthralling to think that Obzen sounds more advanced than anything else released after 2008. On their latest opus, Meshuggah indulge their eager enthusiasts with more of what they do best, and that's groove oriented moments of sheer genius, spliced into ten magnificent tracks of technical simplicity.
     The band's sound since Nothing has been nothing short of spectacular. That sludge laden sound that eclipsed the album evolved over time, to incorporate the band's more metallic, technical treble-infused polish they proudly showcased in the late nineties. Violent Sleep... is perhaps the band's best effort to keep things concise, while still orchestrating those jaw dropping moments causing eyeballs to pop right out of our heads. What's more exciting, is how Meshuggah executes sounds at such a high level, while still sounding so organic and natural, regardless of how complicated the structures and rhythms can be. The album is best compared to Nothing, but has more in common with the genius of Obzen's songwriting and production finesse.
     Time after time, it's Meshuggah's ability to make the most minuet intricacies sound like business as usual. While some of the sounds may seem foundational, the plucking and arrangements that take place on guitar perform at such a higher level than anything else on the market, that it's hard to even rate the band accordingly. Haake and the skins sail into seas of efficiency with his first "real" drum performance in as long as anyone can possibly remember, and it's truly appreciated.
     We have what is probably Meshuggah's strongest release since Obzen. Even in their simplicity, the band continues to enthrall and devastate simultaneously, while still entertaining and setting new ground for anyone who thinks they've mastered their instrument at a time when countless bands think they've mastered the formula.

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