This Is Hell "Bastards Still Remain"

Finally finding themselves super punk, This Is Hell nail the ultimate breakbeat angst formula they've been chasing after their entire career. While Black Mass and even the Misfortunes EP dabbled in the band's endless ability to dig up more combinations of what we all know to be the tried and true, their latest album is so brash and unrelenting in its traditional foundations that even punk purists will find themselves looking at each other wondering why they hadn't paid attention to the band sooner.
     That's not to say no one has been paying attention. Ever since Sundowning and their Poison The Well tour during the summer that followed, the band has been drawing up a storm, and to this day, the band's catalogue is certainly far from lacking. Each album has been an essential gem into anything and everything hardcore, and alongside their alter-ego Soldiers, the boys in This Is Hell have absolutely earned their right to headline a day or two at This Is Hardcore because This. Is. It.

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