Attila "Chaos"

If Attila spawned from the deathcore era of bands when Emmure and Attack! Attack! were somehow both touring together, it eventually churned into a step backwards into the murky depths of what those aggressive rap-rock bands like Slaves On Dope and (Hed)P.E. seemed to be aiming for in the early 00's. Now with their brand of "simply not giving a fuck" and "stay sick" theme, Attila have stamped their signature on a sound that has been exhausted by countless radio rock acts for WJRR in Orlando and K-ROQ out in L.A. For what it's worth, the sound is punchy and the shows are always great, but as an album it falls a bit weak for a band that comes out so hard. The alternative direction the sound has taken with attempts at big choruses like what's heard in "Bulletproof," is much more effectively executed by Bad Omens, and isn't in the cards for effective execution throughout a mix of thoughtless ranting and childish daycare/grade school banter blather. Also, didn't War From A Harlots mouth do the same gun riff in "Obsession"? I thought so.

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