Department Of Correction/Proletar "Split"

While most splits contain just a few tracks from each band, sometimes only even one or two, DOC in this case give us ten, with Proletar clocking in half dozen, making this one of the most packed splits of all time. It doesn't help that DOC's blast grind sounds, reminiscent of Regurgitate  or Anal Cunt's twenty-second a pop thrills, help their case any. This is a great collection of classic gutterals and brutal interplay of musicianship. Proletar is a little more straightforward metal, not as abrasive and repulsive as Department, but still know how to stay relevant in the release. In the end of it all, it's an awesome underground bit to add to your collection if you want to share how far the spectrum can get and don't feel like uploading your Relapse Records classics from CD to your iTunes library as some of the catalogue didn't even bother making it over into the digital streaming space, set to be lost forever.

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