Knuckledust "Selected Works"

Knuckledust is one of those bands that's chronically overlooked while scene enthusiasts listen to everything around the band's influence. Similar to the ruthlessness found in early Hatebreed, the band knows how take a classic formula and twist it to a chaotic cocktail. 
     Unbreakable is a good place to start, showcasing the band's ability to instantly decimate and pummel like a legacy hardcore act should know how to sustain. Promise Comfort Fools is really more of the same and preserves the origins of a band that's put time between their releases and their debut. Songs Of Sacrifice is a re-release that adds a few bonus tracks to the end of an extended play. 
     While certainly not reinventing the wheel, Knuckledust are refreshing to showcase in a time where sometimes all that's needed is classic sounds with modern day, crispy production.

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