Thomas Giles "Velcro Kid"

For those who have been following the BTBAM vocalist's solo career since his foundations will no doubt have to bow before the genius that is captured on his third, hmm, fourth official solo effort. 
     This write up wouldn't be complete without mentioning Giles' debut release on Victory that contained the hits "Slumber Party" and "Go Centipede" and the fact that that release is never mentioned anymore since Giles released Pulse. That album saw a maturation of sorts. A complete distance from the joke that was his original, foundational debut that distanced him from metal, and his PIC Paul Waggoner for the first time in his career. Modern Noise seemed to be an extension of his more respected "debut" but was totally flat and also totally overlooked. 
     Velcro Kid is Giles going Albarn on his art. "Eris" shows unmatched depth, and album highlight "Devotion" doesn't shy away from diving off the deep end and straight into glory. Townsend mashup "Gazer" is a true work of brilliance, showing production highlights that have obviously come from endless hours on Ableton software in a backroom. With Giles consistently reinventing himself it's tough to call his solo efforts a sure bet, because he proven to be a wildcard consistently throughout his career, almost a chameleon of sorts. But his latest installment will give those who've walked away from his other moniker and gave up on him as an artist completely. Here's a reason to get back on board.

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