Album Of The Year 2016 - Angel Du$t - "Rock The Fuck On Forever"

Quite possibly the funnest album of all time, these hardcore superstars have done it again. Each song on this release is a true gem. From the first hit of "Toxic Boombox" to the sexy sounds of sax on the album closer, Angel Du$t have a sound that is all their own. Featuring members of Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice, it's always a pleasure seeing Daniel Fang & co. rearranging themselves in between sets to play with the following band. If you somehow overlooked this album amidst its short run time, look again. These guys accomplish more in under twenty minutes than what many bands struggle to create their entire career. Rock The Fuck On Forever is the ultimate guide to getting along in an impossible time and a soundtrack to finding love in circumstances that are the least desirable. This one was a no brainer.

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