Renounced "Theories Of Despair"

The word metalcore has become associated with just about every type of band regardless of range. As long as there are staccato riffs alongside moderate double bass, the term finds itself sandwiched in the review somewhere. But there was a time where metalcore needed to sound like Renounced to even be considered as a contender.
     Theories Of Despair is the crumbs that Hopesfall left behind. Just check "Abandon Your King" and you will instantly feel your sixteen year old self ready to karate kick the window. "A Fire No Longer Burns" and "Anxiety In Black And White" bring the alarm clock riffs, while "Abandon Your King" rekindles the type of aggro we heard (and felt) when hearing Poison The Well for this first time.
     It's quite surprising to hear Renounced pull this off. The sound of hardcore has changed drastically in the past ten years, and so much variety has been infused into the genre. But for those purists who were there when it all began, it really doesn't get any better than this unless you're tuning into classic records like Malice... or Too Bad You're Beautiful.

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