Code Orange "Forever"

If Forever isn't the hardest thing to hit hardcore since the entire year of 2016, then I don't know what is. Right out of the gate, Code Orange come angrier and more pissed off than ever before and swing battle axes for the entire duration of their latest release. The band had a ton to live up to, with 2014's sensationally received I Am King and they certainly didn't disappoint. 
     The band beat the fuck out of their gear and spew out filth ridden lines, and tracks like "Ridden" and "Kill The Creator" pair those vulgarities with proper alarm clock riffs and steady groove oriented beats. Code Orange attempts to create a gumbo of sounds, mixing in different influences that drive Forever to be a real strong listen. This many angles on one release hasn't been done this well since Turnstile's Nonstop Feeling back in 2015.
     Often paired alongside Full Of Hell and God's Hate, and at times even sounding outright like Eternal Sleep, Code Orange distance themselves from their peers and tie in lush intricacies throughout the album to make a nice package filled with depth and electronic fun. "No One Is Untouchable" plays off like it's being played inside of a video game and "The Mud" breaks in and out of bleep-bloop creativity.
     "Bleeding In The Blur" is a track to be noted with the group honing in on alternative elements they deeply explored on their alter ego outfit, Adventures. "Ugly" plays off like a Nirvana b-side and this is probably the first time this influence has been intertwined with the aggressive scene so blatantly. The fact that they're able to loop it in somehow with the rest of their madness and signature sound is the ultimate victory. 
     Code Orange is arguably one of the angriest bands in the business. On their follow up to one of the greatest hardcore albums of the last ten years, Forever gives us all the classic elements we've come to love. There's a vocal snarl, multiple voices at the mic, surprising resurgence of breakdowns that have long faded out, and many other tricks and influences that range as wide and stretch as far as Nine Inch Nails to Cro-Mags. Everything is absolutely marvelous until the album plays on to its final number. Easily a top contender for the year. Unfortunately it's just a bit too early to call it.

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