Colossal "Nowhere"

As much as Colossal would like to wish they emulate Emmure or The Acacia Strain, the fact is that it's all truly irrelevant on the band's latest release. Their digitization of the sound is so punctual and on point, that the only thing lacking is either Kevin's slick tricks on the skins, or Frankie's swagger on the mic to catapult this EP to instant gold. 
     The two aforementioned bands have also swayed so far from their foundations, that to say an act is attempting to mirror their sound is foolishness. The songs captured here are so sludgingly brutal that it's almost a satire of sorts on an exaggerated sound that makes Colossal have a sound that is all their own in a jaded market. Matt Honeycutt and Chad Ruhlig give the album a step up with two "celebrity" cameos that provide a stamp of quality to the release, even though the album closer drones on beyond the seven minute mark with intentions of polishing off in true Meshuggah fashion.
     While the sound can often be a little monotonous and droning, it's certainly no different than doom or sludge metal that can also be a bit draining to listen to. "Ninth Circle" is a sweet concept track that's very reminiscent of ABACABB and is a true treat to the calloused. The closing riff on "Hope Is Dead" brings to mind Blood Has Been Shed tendencies and the rest of the tracks interplay samples and studio tricks with proper flare.  Nowhere is made to be a true standout in the scene that should not be ignored, even though they did neglect to put it up on Apple Music.

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