Thy Art Is Murder "No Absolution"

Hardcore always made it ok to turn your back on those who've crossed a line. It's hard to pretend you haven't been stabbed in the back when you have countless tours with solid bands and just released a chart topping album and your main man just drops his responsibilities. The fact that the band welcomed CJ back after he let them fend for themselves with random singers throughout the past year is pathetic. The band did well without him and they could've continued without him. They are the key pieces. The intricate riffage, the punctual drumming, the clean as fuck stage set up. These guys are professionals and the fact that this guy walked away from them in the first place is a slap in the face. 
     While the new track is more of what we've come to expect, and the band is doing whatever they think they need to do to survive, the past will always remain a strange place, and this guy is not to be trusted. You can only trust behavior that's been demonstrated, and walking away and coming back like a swinging saloon door isn't fair for the rest of the guys who stuck it out on the road, while this guy slept in and ate chips for breakfast. Stick to Aversions Crown for Australian deathcore. I'll never look at them the same.

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