Friday Night Lites "Wherever You May Be"

For as easy as these guys make it sound, it's surprising there's not hordes of decoys polluting the pop punk scene. Sure, there's the recent resurgence of A Day To Remember minions like Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, Seaway, Hits The Lights, Crown The Empire, and underground heartthrobs Close Only Counts (which may or may not even be a band anymore), which are all beyond superb in their own rite. While there's obvious variations in their efforts and some have breakdowns and other's do not, it's evident they're all bred from the same cloth.
     But take a look at what's going in the technical death metal space. How many gory logos are we going to have to look at this year without a single one overthrowing Thy Art Is Murder?  Probably dozens and dozens of them. The pop punk space seems to be this holy space where only the best even try to engage it. Which is what makes each act so rewarding. While Wherever You May Be doesn't splice the cells (or reinvent the wheel) to form new species, it's certainly a respectable pop punk album that's worthy to land on anyone's playlist

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