Lower Than Atlantis "Safe In Sound"

While nothing will ever reinstate the band to their HXC glory days of Bretton or Far-Q, Lower Than Atlantis have been chipping away at their professional arena rock sound since their inception. Every release slowly moved them inches further along in their efforts and changed the direction of the band to enable them to reach their latest attempts at glory.
     After the band's initial "debut," it was obvious they were looking to distance themselves from their hardcore roots as much as possible, and World Record took advantage of everything the band knew how to do well, but still fell short in comparison to the impact of their prior two releases. Changing Tune was a breakthrough in the band's career, churning out hook after hook and it felt as if the next album was going to be THE ONE that took Lower Than Atlantis to the radio waves, but 2014's self titled felt as flat as the combovers that graced its cover, loaded with cringe worthy moments that, in my opinion, derailed the band from even being worthy to mention. Thankfully this installment is a turn for the better in the right direction.
     While Safe In Sound will not surpass the glory of Changing Tune, it's as professional of a rock record as one would expect, and the vocal melodies that have always littered Lower Than Atlantis' sound are exploited to perfection with "I Would" being a personal favorite, and the album closer exploding like any of their best tracks. This is a band to keep a pin on. It's any minute now that we'll find them headlining Download.

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