Six Feet Under "Torment"

It's astonishing to see Chris Barnes represent the death metal legacy he's committed his entire existence to still churn out quality product. The earlier part of the catalogue that saw brutal gems Haunted and Maximum Violence are still in effect and Torment is a great addition to an already worthwhile discography.
     When comparing Six Feet Under to modern day death metal, it's evident they can't keep up. But then again, it's like saying Metallica isn't anything like Power Trip and After The Burial. Those comparisons  are hardly relevant. These guys come from a different school of thought. While Barnes' days in Cannibal Corpse are long behind him, it's always worth noting that SFU have always had more class, and avoided the same league of brutality as their counterparts. 
     The league of minions Barnes has to his aid know how to slay. While the leads aren't exactly there, the ruthless chops and blast beats are still prevalent, and anyone who's ever hard a death growl needs to stop what they're doing and put on this album and make it through at least half of it before going on about their interests in Carnifex and Oceano.

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