Surfer Blood "Snowdonia"

So it's been seven years since Astro Coast splashed onto the indie scene, and three records later the band is fine tuned into a well oiled hippie machine. The sound of the band has gotten tighter over time and on their latest release, Surfer Blood push the elements of space and vibes to extremes. The highlight title track is superb, bringing to mind Radiohead-like tendencies, focusing on developing lush soundscapes and emotional chord progressions that make the song the pinnacle moment of this release.
     Surfer Blood have suffered greatly. Although he was already out of the band by the time he passed, the 2016 death of their founding guitarist Thomas Fekete could have impacted the atmosphere of the record completely. It's hard not to listen to the album and imagine what the group must have been going through while recording the record. Let this release celebrate life and let this one be a reminder that nothing in life is guaranteed. Only attitude.

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