The Menzingers "After The Party"

At first, reviews for this record hinted at impractical emo that complained about middle aged life of twenty somethings turning into thirty somethings and the pain associated with aging. If you didn't experience any proper pain early enough in life that makes you yearn to grow older, I could see how the theme would be proper, but at first glance it just seemed foolish. Who wants to go back to being broke and always getting into trouble? Sure, there were late nights and pizza parties, but with a proper set up the party doesn't have to stop at the big 3-0.
     What this album is really all about though is a really, really good time, alongside Polar Bear Club type of alternative rock. It's not going to own supreme in the vocal department, but there are a few key tracks that on the second or third listen truly stand out. This album is a mix of pop punk and hard rock, and lands somewhere in the middle between standard alternative and what The Black Maria was trying to accomplish before they vanished off the planet. Super worth the run time.

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