Creeper "Eternity, In Your Arms"

Here's a group appealing to kids who probably never heard All-American Rejects or American Hi-Fi and have probably never been exposed to the Misfits either. The album kicks off with a bang on "Black Rain" and then quickly to the gang shout littered "Poison Pens." But whatever comes next is watered down, flat, uninspired, rehash material we've heard on the Warped Tour for the past twenty years. "Down Below" brings to mind Dropkick Murphy's and the first half of the album is such a mixed bag, it's hard to tell whether any of this has the potential for longevity. By the time "Crickets" comes around it's clear the band didn't listen to their album before putting it on the shelf. How many of these tracks does one record need?
     At this point 2000 is not last summer. Good production on alternative pop punk has been around for almost twenty years. How labels still scoop this stuff up and hope it breaks out is honestly mind blowing. Perhaps they're hoping this is the next PVRIS, Twenty One Pilots or maybe even the next AFI, but aside from it's brief listen, there aren't any infectious hymns to take away. 

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