Incubus "8"

Incubus has drastically transformed throughout the past twenty years. While their debut found the band exploring psychedelic territory, with explosive samples, and even aggressive beats and riffs, as the years went by, Incubus became prone to production's traps and tricks, and essentially the band molded into a radio favorite. Their latest record plays it super safe and sounds well, just like Incubus should on their eighth release. Flat, uninspired, and occasionally tossing out a contagious hook. Album standout is hard to find and in looking back on the record, "Loneliest" may be the pinnacle. But jokes like "When I Became A Man" show that the band just doesn't know how to get back to their fun selves and "Familiar Faces" plays like a local band at a Long Island pig roast. If we take anything away from first glance, the album makes us want to reflect on more standout moments in the band's career like Make Yourself or Morning View when Incubus took un-calculated chances on their talent and risks littered their entire albums to achieve heightened, superior glory.

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