Comity "A Long, Eternal Fall"

For those who were around and interested when Comity dropped their gnarly progressive hardcore project The Dues Ex Machina As A Forgotten Genius, comes the long expected third release from the New York group everyone forgot about. What's showcased here is a brash collection of effective composition that often shifts and bends in countless directions to present a sound that's been abandoned in the early 00's. Comity are a blend between Converge's early part of their catalogue and mid-career Mastodon and this album a better representation of who they are than their overly robust second release The Journey Is Over Now. At times shifting between blast beats and low end vocal bellows, to doom metal tendencies and stoner rock musings, Comity create a scatterbrain release that somehow manages to sow it all together, and develop ideas to rock out a banger of a metal release in a time where most bands are dancing to the same groove and breakdown. 

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