Rammstein "Live In Paris"

It's a wonderful thing when one of the best acts in the world continue to pump out incredible content that gets instantly inhaled by hundreds of thousands of people. On their latest live release, Rammstein attempt to capture the glory of their famed live performances. While nowhere near as hot or threatening, the record does an amazing job of encapsulating the band's twenty year career into a "best of" of sorts. While the video version of this release is the ultimate fan experience, the tracks are also a great way for those unfamiliar with the band to try and navigate through their discography to familiarize themselves with the thrill that is Rammstein. For those who think it's superfluous to have another live release after In Amerika, it's clear that this release is a separate entity with it's own identity and has a completely different theatre production than the MSG show and the set in Quebec that was featured on prior footage.

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