Suffocation "...Of The Dark Light"

Initial reviews of the album started off rough. But before making any assumptions, it's crucial to understand that Suffocation is the founding technical death metal band formed in the early 1990's. For them to even still be together in some sort of amalgamation is an accomplishment, and the fact that their earlier work is held superior to modern productions is baffling. But after a second spin, the group's latest fill does sound a little washed over. Uninspired riffage salutes the drumming effort, and Mullen's throat often sounds like its running out of breath. It's easy to pick this apart from the listener's perspective, but so much goes into sustaining as a band for almost three decades that it's really pointless to dismantle the album. It's safe to say if this was anyone else coming into the tech death space, the album would at least be slightly noteworthy. 

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