River Black "River Black"

What do you get when you piece back together Burnt By The Sun and the bassist from Revocation? Well, you get Burnt By The Sun with a new bass player. Why the group felt it was necessary to distance themselves from their former moniker is beyond anyone's guess, but to have the magical capabilities of Dave Witte on the skins and the eclectic vocal demeanor of Mike Oleander back together is a true pleasure. The flare is here in all it's glory, perhaps only Adubato's contribution to the axe is a little lacking, but then again it was never anything spectacular on the Burnt By The Sun stuff, it was always just there for the backbone and frontman to wail supreme. This record is a refreshing sound brought back to life, and perhaps it's a slight lighter than their previous outfit, but the sound is still so characteristically them, that it's hard to not long for the wondrous 01-03 era where all this stuff was just getting launched before the internet bastardized the entire community and over saturated the public's music tank.

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