Trapped Under Ice "Heatwave"

The return of Baltimore's own Trapped Under Ice years after their last release finds the band on a new platform. Sure the grooves and upbeat tempos are there and the record sails away in less than fifteen minutes, but with the recent success of Angel Dust and Turnstile, it's obvious there's a slight fusion beginning to take place. The band used to be perceived as a bareknuckle outfit, or a traditional meat and potato hardcore band. But knowing that Justice and Brendan makeup the front and back of this group, it's almost impossible not to hear the tendencies from their other groups lurking within. While the dudes are super productive and know how to pump out merch and music like no one's business, with various members of all three groups doing a wide variety of projects that seem to be released at least every other quarter of the year, it may be time to tone it down a notch and just focus on a single unit. Listening to this record shouldn't feel like like it could've been found on disc two of last year's Rock The Fuck On Forever.

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