Alice Glass "Alice Glass"

Breaking free from Crystal Castles may prove to be the best thing that's ever happened to Alice. This EP finds the vocalist in transparent clarity, cooing breathily over concrete rhythms and melancholy melodies. While her former outfit continues to venture into strange terrain, it seems like there's a need to engage in more marketable elements that may appeal to an even larger fanbase.
     While clocking in less than twenty minutes, this EP showcases Glass's ability to sensationalize a pop infused structure to songwriting. It's clear that there's a sound team at play supporting her output, and the whole thing makes for a pleasurable experience. The electronics are subtle enough to engulf the listener and it doesn't ever feel like a Britney record or an EDM release. It treads a fine line, and there's certainly some strange stuff at play after the first two tracks, but let's hope Glass can stay relevant long enough by herself. This one almost flew under the radar.

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