Alpha Wolf "Mono"

These guys come with a ferocious roar, packed with alarm clock riffs, chunky breakdowns, and a great sense of urgency to activate the pit. While they've somehow managed to isolate themselves into a world of their own, unbeknownst to anyone, and somehow splash with such a strong record, the biggest failure here is the band's marketing.
     Any aspiring musician that is slightly inclined to perform loud aggressive music would be blown away by this. The fact that this band isn't in the slightest bit recognized by any scene or community is practically a misdemeanor. How can We Are Triumphant or Basick able to completely overlook this band? It's hard enough to watch peers in the professional world slave over their performance and not get recognized, but when it comes to arts and performances of passion, it's literally heartbreaking to see an artist not get recognized for their accomplishment. Although it isn't an essential record, as it doesn't really redefine a genre or elevate the game of the community, it's still a superb release that's critically undervalued.

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