Thy Art Is Murder "Dear Desolation"

The band's signature super fast, brutal death metal blasts at neck breaking speeds with a snarl execute flawlessly and are captured in their villainous glory. It's nice to know the band was able to stay intact between releases, because CJ's "return" isn't really relevant to those who are really just concerned with the performances on the record. 
     It's a shame to have seen some real lackluster performances from the group the past few years as the band toured in support of Holy War with various frontmen giving the brutal outfit a stab at performance art that always fell flat. 
     It's also a shame that a record that did so many great things for the band right after its release, never really got the support that it deserved. Who knows where the band would be and what they could've done for the genre if the counterculture media didn't make such a circus out of the whole thing.
     About the record, the album is pretty much everything we've come to expect from the pummeling outfit in regards to crisp production, subtle snare blasts at alternating speeds, and a tolerable death growl that's not too guttural to be repulsing. Where competitors Chelsea Grin and Whitechapel introduced mediocre subtitles into their vocal and melody department, Thy Art push the glass ceiling to sustain their path of destruction and bring a consistent crunch track after track.
     "Fire In The Sky" clears the murky clouds for a chance to breathe, but then instantly returns to furious chugging, while the album opener "Slaves Beyond Death" shoots the band out if the cannon so aggressively, that it constantly lingers in the background until the record's finish. The album wraps up before it can overstay its welcome and "The Final Curtain" is an impressive collection of huge chords, precise drum drills and a band cohesively packaging their release and managing a tracklist that's packed with quality material. This is definitely one of the year's best.

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