Decrepit Birth "Axis Mundi"

While The Faceless try to bandage their brand together and get out of the house, Decrepit Birth is taking the reigns as the true standout act in the technical death metal space. On their latest opus, the band takes it into overdrive and explodes on a dozen tracks that push the boundaries of what's physically possible.
     Not only is Decrepit Birth packed with brilliant musicians who can tear apart their respective instruments, they're also brilliant songwriters. Track after track, the act twists and turns into alleyways that are practically wormholes into multiple musical galaxies that transform the element of surprise into standard fare for a band that seems to be yawning as they shred themselves silly. 
     The only drawback is the serious run time and strenuous track list which may turn away even the most calloused listeners. Twelve tracks clocking in at over an hour is asking a lot. Some songs are five, six, eight minutes long, and sure, most diehard progressive fans are willing to tolerate the extremes for quality output, but for a band who doesn't seem to put the shred away, it's a very difficult and daunting task to make it through the whole thing in one listen. 
     But if you can stomach all of this and keep your food down, it's certainly an album that's worth pausing, and then returning, for those who are interested in bands who constantly outdo themselves and showcase what happens when they push the boundaries aside.

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