Kublai Khan. Knitting Factory. Brooklyn, NY (9.29.2017)

Let's remember the time Kublai Khan had a contest to go to their show in Brooklyn and receive a merch bundle from all the bands on the tour package. It sure is a nice gesture, right? Especially for an up and coming band that can only benefit from every sale and every scan. So on the day of the show, I understand I live up the street to go to a show the band traveled thousands of miles to play, to get in for free and snag a ton of merch. So I do the right thing. I hit up the ATM to take out $20 to give to the guys, who just released an album I heard on Apple Music earlier in the day, and went to go see for free to collect what I would expect to be five shirts. Of course $20 doesn't cover the ticket price, shirts, and the album I heard earlier in the day streaming (which I downloaded as soon as I woke up to hopefully give them a credit for the scan, but I have no idea how any of that shit works), but hey, all that was THEIR contest and at least it's a thoughtful gesture. Here's a little dough for letting me in, and hooking me up with some dope swag.
     I get to Knitting Factory, and surprise surprise, my name is not on the guest list, which has ten people listed on it, none of them being me. So I give them the $20, whatever, right? I'm a grown ass man, I'm not going to just turn around and go home. But what kind of support is that for fans who try to give a shit? Especially when the band reached out to say "you won! you'll be on the guest list!" What if I was a little kid who won and begged his parents to drive him, and then this happened? What kind of an oversight would that be? This is a tiny band, every bit of outreach will help them. Wouldn't that just be traumatizing?
     I don't think the band needs fans like me who go to shows constantly to check out new bands, review them, and travel all over the world for a scene they've been a part of for over twenty years and also tip them for the hook up. But hey, here's to Kublai Khan and their nightly guarantee. Thanks for nothing ✌️

(did I miss something?)

****Update: Actually had the chutzpah to go to the merch table and call them out on it, show'd them the flyer, and the merch guy said "oh, can I see the flyer? Pick a shirt." So now I'm holding a random Kublai Khan shirt. At least I got something, but you have to admit, this is laughable.

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